Training Week 2

Little slow on the blog updates this week. We’ve had a full week with training, work and hanging out with Evan’s family. Today was their last day in town, so we wanted to see them as much as we could.
I hit all my training miles again this week! Yay!! I had some technical difficulties as my iPhone 5 died. I had to revert back to using my 4s – luckily Evan just upgraded his phone so I could have my old one back. I got a little upset at the phone and went out and bought the Nike+ running watch. Its nice to be able to just look at my wrist to see my speed or mileage instead of twisting my phone around to try and look at it in my armband. I’ve also been running without music since I started using the watch. It has been a nice switch.
Week two consisted of:
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – 5 miles
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – cross training (rode bikes with Evan)
Friday – 3 miles
Saturday – 5 miles – got these in Before work!!
I still do a lot better with my morning runs. Its so hot and humid after work I end up being a good bit slower.
New Nike+ watch! I had a great run with it. I think some of the speed came from my frustration in my phone breaking …
photo 1

Finished out Week 2:

And for Sunday Rest Day: Evan and I cruised around downtown then out to the beach and back:
photo 2

Almost time for a new week to start! Time is flying by. Blaney and I booked our hotel for Disney this week. Super excited about that. 🙂


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Born and raised in SC (except for a few short years in Mississippi). I'm a Gamecock - graduated from the University of South Carolina with my BS in exercise science and grew up attending Carolina football games. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina and now work as a PT and read, run and travel in my spare time. Loves: animals, reading, France, gymnastics, hoodies, traveling, football Dislikes: Snakes
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  1. Congrats on staying on track again! I always appreciate when I hit my targets because I know sometimes life happens! Also, what app are you using on your phone there? I have been using map my run for awhile now but I like the look of that one. Good luck this week 🙂


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