June Recap

I can’t believe it’s already July!! Its been 25 weeks since Disney already. So crazy!

I’m really pleased with how I increased my milage this past month. I was barely moving in May, and in June I got up to 61 miles! I was really excited about this until I started reading other runners’  blogs. Some people are averaging that many miles a week!! This is when I need to step back and not compare myself to others. I don’t think I’m every going to running that kind of milage – it just doesn’t fit with my lifestyle or abilities.

I got my long run up to 5 miles in June and kept to a pretty consistent schedule. I alternated walking and running days to help avoid injury. I tried to do my BBG strength training 2-3 days a week. I’ve found myself modifying exercise sessions of the BBG to ones that work for me a little better. I’m still super sore after every leg day.

5 miles on Monday

5 miles

I started off the month with a 5k and that really helped me get back in my running groove. Evan and I also bought kayaks which made for some fun cross training. I’ve also made sure to stretch/foam roll after my runs and have done some yoga with my yoga studio app.

To top of the month in review – I found my wedding dress! 🙂 Super excited. I’m so happy my aunt and grandmother were able to come down to help me pick one out.

Dot Dot and Jamey came down and helped me pick out a wedding dress :)

Dot Dot and Jamey came down and helped me pick out a wedding dress 🙂

I want to try and hit at least 60 miles again in July. I’ve already done a 6 mile run this past weekend. I want to do at least one more 6 miler before training starts. I also want to do at least 10 out of my 15 BBG workouts. I hope increasing my strength training will help with form and speed for half marathon training. Official training starts in August, so July is the last month of my base building time. I’m really excited to start training. I’m hoping to have the help of a trainer this time around.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start 🙂


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Born and raised in SC (except for a few short years in Mississippi). I'm a Gamecock - graduated from the University of South Carolina with my BS in exercise science and grew up attending Carolina football games. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina and now work as a PT and read, run and travel in my spare time. Loves: animals, reading, France, gymnastics, hoodies, traveling, football Dislikes: Snakes
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