Food, Flowers and Friends

Only one week until marathon training officially starts!! I know because of the intense training I have to look forward to I need to make a change to my diet. Recently, easy to grab foods have become a staple. There has been less fresh fruits and veggies and more eating out. I’ve been looking through my cookbooks, scouring Pinterest and making a list of to-try recipes to help with training. I’ve been a fan of The Pioneer Woman since college, so I turned to her blog first. Every since we had roasted cauliflower in Vegas, I’ve been wanting to try and make some myself. The Pioneer Woman had this recipe for cauliflower which looked quick and easy. I left out the spicy part and had a huge dish of cauliflower in no time. (I’m leaving out the part of the story where I made a huge mess in the kitchen trying to break apart the cauliflower florets…)

PW cauliflower

I also found a much less healthy but equally as yummy recipe to use the rest of my blueberries. When Evan and I went to the cabin last weekend we stopped at a fresh fruits and veggies stand on the side of the road and picked up some peaches and blueberries. They were the best tasting blueberries I’ve had yet this season. The recipe for the blueberry muffins also came from Pioneer Woman. I put half of them in the freezer for later as this recipe made waaay more muffins than I could eat myself. Evan says he doesn’t like blueberry muffins with “real” blueberries …

I know I need to keep looking for more healthy and fresh recipes to make during marathon training, but I think I’m off to a good start! Besides making a mess in the kitchen this week, I also worked in the yard. I love stopping by Lowe’s to see if I can score any good finds off the clearance rack. I lucked up this week and found a pink hibiscus tree! I ended up paying only $8.00 for it! Granted it was missing a good bit of its branches but I planted it in a pretty new blue pot and I’ve already got two pink blooms! Super stoked about this one. I should be able to nurse it back to a full healthy looking hibiscus tree in no time.
hibiscus blooms

I also added some flowers to the pots on the front porch. I needed something that would survive the full sun on these hot summer days. Everything looks wilted by afternoon.
photo 3

photo 3

I also used my day off to make a Target run. I was happy to find they got in a new shipment of socks just in time for fun sock Friday! I love a good fun sock especially to wear to work. They add a little bit of fun and color to the same ole blue scrubs we all wear.
fun sock friday

Now its Saturday! I have the day off today and am working tomorrow. Got up early to take Oliver for a walk since we’re babysitting him this weekend. Evan and his dad are getting the meat ready for our cookout this afternoon. They’re smoking some boston butts and making some chicken. Yum! My family will be at the beach this week, so I’m sure the time will go by quickly. Before I know it, Monday will be here and training will begin!!


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  1. The thought of “nursing a plant back to life” is beyond my green thumb abilities haha good for you! I always try to be really mindful about incorporating a healthier diet for training and I feel like if I go into it with enough tools and preparation I’m that much more likely to (mostly) stick to it!


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