Marathon Training has Begun!!

Wow!! I can’t believe I’m training for my first full marathon! I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty nervous. During each half that I’ve run I’ve been so happy to follow the signs for 13.1 and know that I’m almost done. I’ve felt so relieved I wasn’t one of the people who still had half of a race left! 13 extra miles is a lot! I have a feeling my mental training is going to be just as much of a battle as the physical running. Even running short runs now I’ve thought – oh dang come race day there will still be 18,19,20… miles left to go- Thats probably not how I should think about it, but the thought of all the miles to come is pretty scary! That’s one of the reasons I chose the training plan that I did. For all the previous races, we’ve followed the Hal Higdon method. This time, I chose to go with the coach program on my Nike app. This plan is long, but I need to be running anyway. I like the fact that reminders pop up on my phone and that the training is integrated in the running app I already use. I’m hoping it will have some nice motivation during the runs as well.
week 1 training
The program is 24 weeks long and starts off by getting you ready for a 10k. I’ve slacked a bit and haven’t checked the dates, but I’m hoping it coincides with the 10k I already have planned in October. I ran this race last year, and I really want to break the 1 hour mark. I didn’t quite get it last year. I started off strong but heading back up the connector to the finish did me in. I think I finished in just over an hour. Tracy and I are going back again this year though so I have another shot at it 🙂
So today starts off week 1!
photo 3
I was so excited the get started, then I looked at my phone and realized today is a REST day!! Why you start off with a rest day I have no idea, but I wanted to do something!! So instead of rest, I made today arms, abs and yoga day! I use yoga studio app on my phone. I’ve never done yoga in an actual studio, so I’m not sure how it compares. However, it works for me! I really like it after long runs to start my stretching.
photo 2

photo 1

And with that, marathon training is officially underway! I had a week of fun last week. I got to hang out with my family two days while they were at the beach, taste tested some yummy cake at work, and got to babysit little man!

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4
Now, however, its time to buckle down and get serious! This is the real reason I started this blog – to keep me accountable and sticking to my training – so I will make it to my ultimate goal of crossing that finish line in Disney with Blaney!!
Happy Monday and Happy Training!!


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4 Responses to Marathon Training has Begun!!

  1. K@TIE :) says:

    That’s so awesome! The Disney run seems awesome 🙂 happy training


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