What I’m Reading: Wednesday

I’m happy today that there are blue skies outside. It was still 90 degrees on my way home from work, so I’m waiting just a bit before I head out for a run. I’m going to try a bit of a longerish run then do the Wednesday BBG workout. The boys are having boy night so that should give me plenty of time to get everything done!!

I’ve got a big stack of books I need to tackle soon. I have the bad habit of adding to the large amount of unread books I already own.

  • Someone at work introduced me to the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I’m currently on book 4. I love the concept of the books, but the plot is getting more and more drawn out the further into the series I get. Several of the girls at work are reading them though, so its fun to talk about what we think!
    • IMG_2418(fisher loves to help me read)
  • Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin – this book actually helped me change my attitude and step up my exercise routine. I’ve loved it so far and only have a few chapters left. I loved it so much that I also have her
    • IMG_2366IMG_2089
  • The Happiness Project sitting on my desk too. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about both of these and can’t wait to dive into this one too
  • Taken by Dee Henderson – I’m almost done with this one. I’ve read all of her other books and this is probably my least favorite out of all the books I’m reading right now
    • IMG_2217
  • Life is Short (No Pun Intended) by Jennifer Arnold – recommended by my aunt and cousin – looking forward to reading this as well. It looks to be a pretty quick but interesting read
  • I just got Dottie Frank’s newest book All the Single Ladies in the mail yesterday! These always make for great quick summer read
  • IMG_2184Piles of books everywhere!

This doesn’t include a couple of books I had started and put down, but I really need to make my way through these before I add anymore!!!


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Born and raised in SC (except for a few short years in Mississippi). I'm a Gamecock - graduated from the University of South Carolina with my BS in exercise science and grew up attending Carolina football games. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina and now work as a PT and read, run and travel in my spare time. Loves: animals, reading, France, gymnastics, hoodies, traveling, football Dislikes: Snakes
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