First week of training is in the books!

Hooray for getting through the first week of marathon training! This is probably the shortest and easiest week of them all, but I made it through. Marathon here I come!!
photo 1
So like I mentioned in my last post, week one started off with a rest day. I made the most of it and did yoga, abs and arms. Although, I really felt as though training was underway after I finished day 2. The first real run was 4miles of a 1 mile warm up, 2.5 mile fartlek (alt 2 min slower 2 min faster) and a half mile cool down.
I learned a lot from this run. I ran after work around 5 or 6 pm. It was hot and humid, and I didn’t fuel well during the day. I’ve never really worried about fueling much with runs this short, so I didn’t think anything of it until my run got underway. I ran a super slow (for me) 1st mile. I started off with my fartlek and at first I had a hard time making myself alternate speeds. I would find that during the slower portions I was speeding up and pretty much keeping a constant pace. I did like breaking the run up into 2 minute portions though – then I wasn’t as worried about how many miles were left. I made it to mile 3 then lost my shade and my momentum. I walked one of my “slow” portions, but then I rallied and finished off the run. I really need to look into some type of fuel carrying device. I’m thinking camelbak, because I don’t think I’ll want to wear a fuel belt around my waist and I know I’ll get tired of carrying something in my hand.
Run number 2 was a 3 miler. Somehow I got talked into getting up Before work to run at the same time as Blaney. I’m glad we got it over with because it freed up my afternoon and wasn’t nearly as hot out. This was supposed to be 3 miles easy. I ran a really slow first mile, slightly faster for the 2nd and my 3rd mile was almost 2 minutes/mile faster than the 1st.
Thursday was supposed to be a cross training day. I was planning on riding my bike then doing some yoga and abs, but the weather changed my plans. It Poured all day. I even ran into detours from closed flooded roads on my way home from work. Evan got home early from work so we ended up visiting with his family. My only form of cross training was a walk with his family and playing with the baby (picking him up could probably count as an arm workout!)
Friday was another 3 mile run. It was supposed to be 2 miles at a comfortable pace and the last mile slightly faster. Again, I had trouble keeping at the slower speed for the first two miles. I was just slightly faster on each mile instead of having the first 2 around the same pace and the last one the fastest.
Saturday (today!) was my first long run! I was afraid it would be terrible because my legs were already feeling pretty heavy. I set out right after 7am with the goal of being back at the house by 8. We had thunderstorms all during the night and there’s an 80% chance of rain today, so I wanted to beat any bad weather.
photo 2
I loved the advice from the nike+ running coach. I kept thinking about that throughout the run. I just wanted to run the whole way and get all the miles in. I kept my pace pretty consistent. Once I got down to a mile left I sped up just a bit and got my 5 miles in!! Hooray for completing week 1!!!
photo 3
I’m going to say this was a successful week one. I keep telling myself I’m not trying to finish in a certain time – only make it across the finish still running and not get swept up by the bus. Like the coach said – this is all about getting the miles in and staying strong – and healthy!
Next week adds an extra running day and 4 extra miles to the weekly total. Right now I’ve completed 15/692.2!!
Happy training and happy weekend! Feel free to leave any suggestions for carrying fuel on the run!


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5 Responses to First week of training is in the books!

  1. lawrunner says:

    what program is that you’re using?


    • Dotty Runs says:

      I’m using the Nike+ running app. It has a coach feature built into it for 5k, 10k half and full marathons.


      • lawrunner says:

        Great! I’m always on the lookout for a better app. I like the couch to 5k series but don’t like that you can’t go for milage rather than time. Thanks!


  2. kellypartner says:

    Goodluck on your marathon training! I’m embarking on week 1 for my second marathon this week.


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