Weekend Shenanigans

Wow! What a fun weekend!! It was productive and relaxing all at the same time.

Saturday we all got up early to head to Sullivan’s for the Flopping Flounder 5k! Erin, Brian and I were all running. Craig, Evan and Tim came out to offer some support. The race started right at 8am. We didn’t realize how far down the island it started and parked too far away. Luckily we were plenty early and had time to walk to the starting area and find the porta potties. I’m glad they had some fast moving lines! We all just lined up in one group for the start. I started about mid pack in the middle but as soon as we crossed the start line I moved over to the side. I knew if I started off too fast I would get tired towards the end. The race was almost run in a figure 8 pattern. The first 1.5 miles were really pretty by Fort Moultrie and through some of the nicer residential areas. It was also fairly shaded. At the halfway point we ran back by the start. I saw all the guys and got a small sip of water from the one aid station at the same time. The second half of the race was in the full sun without as much interesting scenery and seemed to last a lot longer. Having just signed up for the race that week and not have trained for it – my goal was just to finish still running. My watch said I kept a 9’40” pace which I’m pleased with. My official time was a bit slower.


I made it across the finish and every one else was already there. We stayed for the post race festivities. They had some great watermelon available and the boys got breakfast burritos. They had a raffle with a Ton of prizes. I won a gift card to a spa! After that they quickly went into the awards. Brian Finished 3rd in his age group! Yay Brian!


After Brian’s age group awards were done we hit the road stopping first at Dunleavys for the after party. Everyone with a bib got a free glass of beer, so we enjoyed that with some pub burgers for “brunch”


We headed home after eating for a quick change then were off to Erin and Craig’s for relaxation in the river 🙂


Saturday was also Belmont Day and I’m super stoked that I finally got to watch a horse win the Triple Crown! Super exciting. Erin and I took the dogs for a long walk after dinner then I was too tired to stay up any longer.


Sunday Evan and I got up for donuts then took a great rail buggy cruise out to Edisto. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting some chores done and just relaxing at home!


Happy Weekend! 🙂


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Born and raised in SC (except for a few short years in Mississippi). I'm a Gamecock - graduated from the University of South Carolina with my BS in exercise science and grew up attending Carolina football games. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina and now work as a PT and read, run and travel in my spare time. Loves: animals, reading, France, gymnastics, hoodies, traveling, football Dislikes: Snakes
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