Monday: A look back

Hello June! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. I need to get on the wedding planning ASAP!!

I had a great first week of the month exercise wise. I know I really need to start stepping up my game the next two months before training really starts, but this is a good first step.

I’m planning on running the RNR Vegas 1/2 with Katie in November (need to actually sign up soon!). I’m really looking forward to going back out to Vegas and trying to finally get my sub 2 half. My goals for the summer are to up my strength training. I’ve been following the BBG guide for M, W, F strength workouts then adding in walking, running, kayaking and yoga into the mix.

Recap of Last Week’s Training

Monday: BBG Week 5 legs/cardio; 2 mile walk, 5′ yoga/stretch (15, 270 Steps)

Tuesday: 1 mile walk (1o,625 steps) and Party in the Park


Wednesday: 2.5 mile run and BBG week 5 arms and abs (12,480 steps)

IMG_2292Happy National Running day! Didn’t get a pic on my run but made this of some of my old favorites 🙂

Thursday: 45′ walk (12,183 steps)

Friday: rest day before 5k tomorrow! (7,947 steps)

Saturday: Floppin Flounder 5k! (22, 227 steps)

IMG_2355IMG_2319IMG_2352I look like I’m about to sneeze in this last one!

Sunday: 50′ walk (15, 610 steps)

Total for the Week: 14 miles and 96,342 steps!

My goal for the next month is to up my weekly milage by at least 2 miles a week and get a couple longer runs in there so I’m all ready for August!

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The End of My Weekend

This week has been a little backwards starting with the holiday on Monday and a  planned day off on Tuesday. Its turned into almost the whole week off of work to be followed by a whole weekend working.

Group Walk Night on Monday


Fisher Helping me read


IMG_2143Fisher Helping me Stretch

IMG_2169Walking with Oliver

IMG_2174 Got some meal prep doneIMG_2182 Fisher helping me do some work IMG_2210Kayaking adventure!

Now time to wind down, do a little reading then head to bed. 🙂

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My Goals for the Week

During my nice relaxing weekend at the cabin I came up with my goals for the week. I knew that I needed to change my routine. I’ve been wanting to get up earlier and workout before work, but the warm bed in the mornings has won out. This weekend I decided this was going to be the week to change that. Unfortunately,  I haven’t had a chance to try it out as I’ve been called off work. Since I wasn’t at work; however, I got right to work on my goals.

1. Exercise at least 30′ every day.

2. Change diet

3. Stick to my Goals

I’ve done well so far this week getting up and getting out the door. I’ve done at least 30′ of cardio each day as well as a BBG workout yesterday. Evan and I are supposed to do some kayaking tonight!

I’ll put up a full weekly review of my exercise at the end of the week. For now, I’m using my time off to get some extra house cleaning done and read a little further in my books!

Happy Thursday 🙂

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Soooo … I’ve gotten a little behind.

Marathon training was more stressful than I thought. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the long runs or increased time demands for training. Instead of taking a short pause to reflect on what was happening I more or less shut down. My training slacked off after the 16 miler and blogging just stopped after week 2.

But, I finished the race – made it across the finish well within the time limit and got my medal. I evan ran a relay race only a few weeks later. My miles have waxed and waned since then, but my desire to blog never truly went away.

I read a great book over the weekend – Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin – that really helped me to stop and see how my actions were derailing my goals. I’ve had a super long weekend and a few extra days off work to refocus – and figured – there’s no better day than TODAY to start over.

So here’s to blogging regularly again – to training again – and to actually reaching the goals that I set.


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Training Week 2

Little slow on the blog updates this week. We’ve had a full week with training, work and hanging out with Evan’s family. Today was their last day in town, so we wanted to see them as much as we could.
I hit all my training miles again this week! Yay!! I had some technical difficulties as my iPhone 5 died. I had to revert back to using my 4s – luckily Evan just upgraded his phone so I could have my old one back. I got a little upset at the phone and went out and bought the Nike+ running watch. Its nice to be able to just look at my wrist to see my speed or mileage instead of twisting my phone around to try and look at it in my armband. I’ve also been running without music since I started using the watch. It has been a nice switch.
Week two consisted of:
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – 5 miles
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – cross training (rode bikes with Evan)
Friday – 3 miles
Saturday – 5 miles – got these in Before work!!
I still do a lot better with my morning runs. Its so hot and humid after work I end up being a good bit slower.
New Nike+ watch! I had a great run with it. I think some of the speed came from my frustration in my phone breaking …
photo 1

Finished out Week 2:

And for Sunday Rest Day: Evan and I cruised around downtown then out to the beach and back:
photo 2

Almost time for a new week to start! Time is flying by. Blaney and I booked our hotel for Disney this week. Super excited about that. 🙂

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First week of training is in the books!

Hooray for getting through the first week of marathon training! This is probably the shortest and easiest week of them all, but I made it through. Marathon here I come!!
photo 1
So like I mentioned in my last post, week one started off with a rest day. I made the most of it and did yoga, abs and arms. Although, I really felt as though training was underway after I finished day 2. The first real run was 4miles of a 1 mile warm up, 2.5 mile fartlek (alt 2 min slower 2 min faster) and a half mile cool down.
I learned a lot from this run. I ran after work around 5 or 6 pm. It was hot and humid, and I didn’t fuel well during the day. I’ve never really worried about fueling much with runs this short, so I didn’t think anything of it until my run got underway. I ran a super slow (for me) 1st mile. I started off with my fartlek and at first I had a hard time making myself alternate speeds. I would find that during the slower portions I was speeding up and pretty much keeping a constant pace. I did like breaking the run up into 2 minute portions though – then I wasn’t as worried about how many miles were left. I made it to mile 3 then lost my shade and my momentum. I walked one of my “slow” portions, but then I rallied and finished off the run. I really need to look into some type of fuel carrying device. I’m thinking camelbak, because I don’t think I’ll want to wear a fuel belt around my waist and I know I’ll get tired of carrying something in my hand.
Run number 2 was a 3 miler. Somehow I got talked into getting up Before work to run at the same time as Blaney. I’m glad we got it over with because it freed up my afternoon and wasn’t nearly as hot out. This was supposed to be 3 miles easy. I ran a really slow first mile, slightly faster for the 2nd and my 3rd mile was almost 2 minutes/mile faster than the 1st.
Thursday was supposed to be a cross training day. I was planning on riding my bike then doing some yoga and abs, but the weather changed my plans. It Poured all day. I even ran into detours from closed flooded roads on my way home from work. Evan got home early from work so we ended up visiting with his family. My only form of cross training was a walk with his family and playing with the baby (picking him up could probably count as an arm workout!)
Friday was another 3 mile run. It was supposed to be 2 miles at a comfortable pace and the last mile slightly faster. Again, I had trouble keeping at the slower speed for the first two miles. I was just slightly faster on each mile instead of having the first 2 around the same pace and the last one the fastest.
Saturday (today!) was my first long run! I was afraid it would be terrible because my legs were already feeling pretty heavy. I set out right after 7am with the goal of being back at the house by 8. We had thunderstorms all during the night and there’s an 80% chance of rain today, so I wanted to beat any bad weather.
photo 2
I loved the advice from the nike+ running coach. I kept thinking about that throughout the run. I just wanted to run the whole way and get all the miles in. I kept my pace pretty consistent. Once I got down to a mile left I sped up just a bit and got my 5 miles in!! Hooray for completing week 1!!!
photo 3
I’m going to say this was a successful week one. I keep telling myself I’m not trying to finish in a certain time – only make it across the finish still running and not get swept up by the bus. Like the coach said – this is all about getting the miles in and staying strong – and healthy!
Next week adds an extra running day and 4 extra miles to the weekly total. Right now I’ve completed 15/692.2!!
Happy training and happy weekend! Feel free to leave any suggestions for carrying fuel on the run!

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Marathon Training has Begun!!

Wow!! I can’t believe I’m training for my first full marathon! I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty nervous. During each half that I’ve run I’ve been so happy to follow the signs for 13.1 and know that I’m almost done. I’ve felt so relieved I wasn’t one of the people who still had half of a race left! 13 extra miles is a lot! I have a feeling my mental training is going to be just as much of a battle as the physical running. Even running short runs now I’ve thought – oh dang come race day there will still be 18,19,20… miles left to go- Thats probably not how I should think about it, but the thought of all the miles to come is pretty scary! That’s one of the reasons I chose the training plan that I did. For all the previous races, we’ve followed the Hal Higdon method. This time, I chose to go with the coach program on my Nike app. This plan is long, but I need to be running anyway. I like the fact that reminders pop up on my phone and that the training is integrated in the running app I already use. I’m hoping it will have some nice motivation during the runs as well.
week 1 training
The program is 24 weeks long and starts off by getting you ready for a 10k. I’ve slacked a bit and haven’t checked the dates, but I’m hoping it coincides with the 10k I already have planned in October. I ran this race last year, and I really want to break the 1 hour mark. I didn’t quite get it last year. I started off strong but heading back up the connector to the finish did me in. I think I finished in just over an hour. Tracy and I are going back again this year though so I have another shot at it 🙂
So today starts off week 1!
photo 3
I was so excited the get started, then I looked at my phone and realized today is a REST day!! Why you start off with a rest day I have no idea, but I wanted to do something!! So instead of rest, I made today arms, abs and yoga day! I use yoga studio app on my phone. I’ve never done yoga in an actual studio, so I’m not sure how it compares. However, it works for me! I really like it after long runs to start my stretching.
photo 2

photo 1

And with that, marathon training is officially underway! I had a week of fun last week. I got to hang out with my family two days while they were at the beach, taste tested some yummy cake at work, and got to babysit little man!

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4
Now, however, its time to buckle down and get serious! This is the real reason I started this blog – to keep me accountable and sticking to my training – so I will make it to my ultimate goal of crossing that finish line in Disney with Blaney!!
Happy Monday and Happy Training!!

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Let the Countdown Begin

I got this on my phone today!!
One week
Super excited and Scared that training is about to begin. 26 miles seems so much further than 13 when you start running. I know it’s going to be a big mind game to get myself through it.

I had the day off work today and was able to spend the morning with my family at the beach. They all came down and rented some condos nearby, so it was easy to scoot over there bright and early. It was great seeing some of my great aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in a while
fam on beach
We all made a mess eating this delicious watermelon
And my two aunts and my cousin and I sat out on the beach for a little while.
siting on the beach

I had to work Sunday, but Saturday we had a great cookout with our friends and Evan’s family. Evan and his dad were in charge of all the cooking. We had chicken and Boston Butts – delish!
cookout food
Evan’s nephew and I enjoyed chilling on the back patio. I had more target socks for the occasion 🙂
photo 1
photo 2

Back to reality tomorrow – BOO – but I’m sure this week will go by quickly then lots of training updates to come!:)
Happy Start to your week!

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Food, Flowers and Friends

Only one week until marathon training officially starts!! I know because of the intense training I have to look forward to I need to make a change to my diet. Recently, easy to grab foods have become a staple. There has been less fresh fruits and veggies and more eating out. I’ve been looking through my cookbooks, scouring Pinterest and making a list of to-try recipes to help with training. I’ve been a fan of The Pioneer Woman since college, so I turned to her blog first. Every since we had roasted cauliflower in Vegas, I’ve been wanting to try and make some myself. The Pioneer Woman had this recipe for cauliflower which looked quick and easy. I left out the spicy part and had a huge dish of cauliflower in no time. (I’m leaving out the part of the story where I made a huge mess in the kitchen trying to break apart the cauliflower florets…)

PW cauliflower

I also found a much less healthy but equally as yummy recipe to use the rest of my blueberries. When Evan and I went to the cabin last weekend we stopped at a fresh fruits and veggies stand on the side of the road and picked up some peaches and blueberries. They were the best tasting blueberries I’ve had yet this season. The recipe for the blueberry muffins also came from Pioneer Woman. I put half of them in the freezer for later as this recipe made waaay more muffins than I could eat myself. Evan says he doesn’t like blueberry muffins with “real” blueberries …

I know I need to keep looking for more healthy and fresh recipes to make during marathon training, but I think I’m off to a good start! Besides making a mess in the kitchen this week, I also worked in the yard. I love stopping by Lowe’s to see if I can score any good finds off the clearance rack. I lucked up this week and found a pink hibiscus tree! I ended up paying only $8.00 for it! Granted it was missing a good bit of its branches but I planted it in a pretty new blue pot and I’ve already got two pink blooms! Super stoked about this one. I should be able to nurse it back to a full healthy looking hibiscus tree in no time.
hibiscus blooms

I also added some flowers to the pots on the front porch. I needed something that would survive the full sun on these hot summer days. Everything looks wilted by afternoon.
photo 3

photo 3

I also used my day off to make a Target run. I was happy to find they got in a new shipment of socks just in time for fun sock Friday! I love a good fun sock especially to wear to work. They add a little bit of fun and color to the same ole blue scrubs we all wear.
fun sock friday

Now its Saturday! I have the day off today and am working tomorrow. Got up early to take Oliver for a walk since we’re babysitting him this weekend. Evan and his dad are getting the meat ready for our cookout this afternoon. They’re smoking some boston butts and making some chicken. Yum! My family will be at the beach this week, so I’m sure the time will go by quickly. Before I know it, Monday will be here and training will begin!!

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My Biggest Cheerleaders

I could never even begin on this journey without the support of my family and friends. So many people have encouraged me along the way, but I just wanted to give a big shoutout to my closest friends and family that stand by my side every step. Thank y’all for all of your love and support. I know I’ll need it even more over the next few months as I train for my marathon.
My Daddy:
dad and me
My Evan:
evan and me
My Family:
Evan’s Family
(Mrs Sheila – We need to get a picture with you in it too!)
And my Besties: Katie and Blaney – I wouldn’t even be doing this if it wasn’t for y’all

and Per Dad’s request – My Furry Supporters: Toby and Fisher


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